by ohsewlovable

Dear Diary,

Gooooood morning! What a long and cold week. School was even cancelled because it was SO. DARN. COLD. Seriously, this needs to end and pronto!!


The other day Indie and I had dance. We love taking dance together and have been doing it for years! We have been working really hard to get our performance for the recital perfect. We have a performance that is just the two of us, the first one ever. We usually perform with the whole class but we were chosen to dance to Chandelier by Sia. The choreography is just beautiful, our teacher Ms. Archibald, did a wonderful job!!


Of course, Fiona, had to be a debby downer and complain that she wasn’t chosen. Oh, I haven’t told you about Fiona? Well, Fiona and her little minion ….I mean twin sister, Violette… Think they’re soooo much better than everyone. They moved here from France a couple years ago. Anyways, they have always been so competitive with Indie and me. I’m not quite sure why? Maybe I’ll ask her šŸ˜‰ I would love to see her reaction! Well, that’s all for now diary! Talk to ya laaater!!

Xoxo, Clara